Susmit Panda

  • Introduction to Superconducting Quantum Computing Basics

    Superconducting quantum computing (SQC), one of the several approaches to realizing a quantum computer, relies on superconducting electronic circuits to implement a quantum processor. Ever since Japanese physicist Yasunobu Nakamura created a simple superconducting quantum bit (qubit) in 1999, SQC has been making rapid advances and has emerged as one of the foremost candidates for […]

  • Hope and Hype in Quantum Computing

    Hope and Hype in Quantum Computing

    With IBM boasting of having launched the first commercial quantum computer in 2019, and with Google’s declared demonstration of quantum supremacy in the same year, it seems that the quantum future is well under way. Or is it all hype and wishful thinking? It is important to understand precisely the extent to which it is […]

  • Quantum Computing: An Easy Introduction!

    Quantum Computing: An Easy Introduction!

    It is not an overstatement to say that quantum computing is all set to usher in the next Industrial Revolution. The chart above, from Qureca, shows the estimated global public investment in quantum initiatives in 2022. IBM has already declared the 2020s the Quantum Decade[1]. By 2025, the quantum computing market will be worth $949 […]